June 2011

June 29, 2011 | 0 comments

Every year, for one week, Rick and I are blessed to have two of our five grandchildren stay with us and attend Vacation Bible Study.  This year, we borrowed another grandchild to stay as well.  We would have borrowed two, but the other was already scheduled to go to Mt. Gilead (camp) for the week.  So we only had her for the first day and the last night and day. 

The children are now at the age when they entertain themselves.  Our task is to make sure “entertainment” doesn’t include dangerous feats of adventure.  We’ve been regaled with stories from our grown children of what they did when we weren’t watching closely, and it has given us cold chills – much to their delight.  I strive for “controlled chaos”.   

Vacation Bible School took up the morning.  Afternoons were the challenge.  My plan:  take the grandchildren where Granny wants to go.

The first day, I bought deli sandwiches, fruit and water for...

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June 17, 2011 | 0 comments

I learned a great deal by watching my dad over the years.  He always sought to be an example for me and my brother.  Here are the things that mattered most to him:

Faith is essential.  Our family attended church on Sunday.  Dad’s mom was a strong Christian and played piano for her church back in Colorado.  Dad was active in church leadership.  He served as a deacon and elder, and later (my high school years) organized and helped raise for land and the construction of an educational complex for the church. 

Family is a priority.  My dad (and Mom) included us in everything.  If my parents went out to dinner or a movie, they took me and my brother along.  Both seemed to feel that their time with us would be short enough without missing out on anything.  Dad had two weeks of vacation a year, and he and Mom always planned...

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June 11, 2011 | 0 comments

Rick and I are back from a wonderful vacation (bus tour) of Spain, Portugal (Lisbon) and Morocco (Tanger).  We arrived in Madrid two days before the tour group gathered and toured the Palacio Real. Highlights:  the Porcelain Room, Charles II’s Antechamber with its frescoes and treasures, Alfonso XII’s Japanese (smoking) Room, the Royal Chapel and Royal Armory filled with horse and manly armor.  How did the men manage to move around in these suits?  I kept picturing one falling from his horse and lying sprawled and helpless as an overturned turtle – or beetle.  El Prado held a treasury of Goya and El Greco paintings.   

We moved fast, as we always do on these “overview” trips we enjoy.  We headed out to El Escorial, the 16th century monastery and palace, and the Valley of the Fallen where a Basilica has been build into a mountain and the enormous cross on the mount above.

On to Segovia with its ancient Roman...

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June 2, 2011 | 0 comments

Just returned from adventures in Spain and Morocco.  I will blog about it in few days. 

My book proposal has been turned in, I hope to start writing again soon!

I'm on my way to Fresno to speak at The People's Church on Saturday. 

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