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Dorothy Sayers said Jesus suffered three humiliations: the incarnation, the cross, and the church.  There is truth in these words.  Think of the humiliation of God, Creator of the Universe, the One who created mankind in His own image, choosing to impregnate and be born through a human woman.  He left heaven to live on earth among fallen men and women in order to give them the opportunity to once again have a personal relationship with Him – as Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden.  He did this because of His great love for each of us.  And then, he suffered the torture and indignities of the cross.  Imagine.  He was beaten, spit upon, lacerated by a whip, stripped of his clothing and nailed to the cross where he hung for hours while his enemies gloated.  Even as He was dying, He was thinking of others.  He gave His mother’s care over to John.  He called upon God, the Father, to forgive us.  He finished the work His Father...

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God’s Gang

We tend to picture Jesus’ disciples as the great saints they became, depicted in longs robes and wearing halos in some churches.  Have you ever thought about who the twelve disciples might be today?

Simon-Peter - a slightly-overweight middle-aged, grizzled, graying-bearded man with callused hands steering his fishing boat out to sea before dawn, his wife and children snug in their beds at home

Andrew – a thirty-something man who prefers to be on land where the action is rather than stuck fishing with Peter - his hard-working, ill-tempered, opinionated and controlling older brother who can never shut up

James and John - hot-tempered, affluent, know-it-all teenagers who are ambitious and eager to get ahead in the world, thankful for a mother with family connections who is willing to ask for a private consult with the boss in order to get her boys promotions


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Rick and I spent the month of May in Russia and visiting Capitols of the Baltic Sea.  For the first half of our adventure (Russia), we flew into St. Petersburg and spent a few days at the gorgeous Grand Hotel right around the corner from the “Church of the Spilled Blood”, one of the iconic sites of Russian orthodoxy.  We set out on a Viking river boat and traveled along the Neva River, across Lake Ladoga to the Svir River to Lake Onega and finally to the Volga, with a final stay in Moscow.

Russia was not what I expected. 

We grew up during the Cold War, the Space Race, the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Most of the pictures I had seen showed a dismal, black-and-white Russia with unsmiling people in heavy coats and fur hats, or an immense army parading in Red Square.  I can’t even remember how many movies we saw dedicated to Russian “moles” and plots to overthrow America and turn the world into communist collectives. 

The last thing I...

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            Three of our five grandchildren are here for a visit.  One is a helper at Vacation Bible School, the others, attendees.  After their morning of fun and learning at church, we head off for picnics or lunch at Auntie Shannon’s before going on various expeditions.

             Our most exciting adventure was capturing crawdads at Spring Lake.  We failed to catch them the first day because we couldn’t find a way through the blackberry-choked banks to get to the creek.  So the next day, we headed around to the other side of the lake, armed with branches, string, pieces of bacon and a bucket.  I sprawled over a boulder with a pole and bacon bait, enticing those critters out of the dark shadows while the grandchildren took turns holding the net in position.  Yowza!! One crawdad was six inches long, red pinchers snapping when he...

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I went shopping again today.  I often pick the longest line because it gives me time to pray.  Unless I forget, which happens all too often.   I become distracted by the women’s magazines.  They are always there, right at the front, tempting a shopper (who is trying to be good) with the impulse to make a last minute addition to what’s already in the basket.  Women’s magazines are never on my list.  That doesn’t mean one doesn’t find its way into the plastic bag with whatever was on my list, like eggs and milk and veggies.  I stopped buying women’s magazines a while back; not because I wanted to save money, but because they are always the same.  Every women’s magazine has a new weight loss program, new recipes, an article on sex (how, where, why, when, with whom), fashion, and some celebrity, usually one who looks anorexic, wears a D or E cup, is air-brushed and gorgeous and has done something to capture media attention - unless she...

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I’m very excited to announce the Americana Theatre Company is presenting “Redeeming Love”, with first performances in Plymouth, Massachusetts on June 23, 24 and 28.  The play is adapted from my novel by Scott Hayes.  I can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

I hope you will check out this event online where you will receive more information on locations, times, how to get tickets and who is involved in putting together the production.

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The Atonement Child and The Scarlet Thread have new covers!  Both of these novels have been out for a number of years, and both helped me work through some major issues in my life.  The year I spent writing TAC was the most difficult in my life, but also the most healing.  TST helped me see how God has always been in my life, long before I knew and loved Him. 

Take a look and see what you think of the new covers.  I hope you’ll read and enjoy both stories.

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Not a day goes by that I don’t hear news anchors and commentators grumbling. I could turn off the television, and often do.  But the thoughts are there, lurking.  What if..?  If only…  Why, oh, why?  Some say worrying is a sign of intelligence.  God says it’s a lack of faith.

What can I do when concerns about the future come - aside from writing letters to the editor and casting my vote at an election booth?

Write a list of blessings.


Open my eyes, Lord, so I can see

Blessings you’ve poured down on me.


These came while sitting in the courthouse hallway, awaiting jury duty:

Human voices

People walking up and down the corridor

Polished linoleum floors

The symmetry of a green wood wall

The creak of a leather gun holster

A lady with white hair, tan face and beautiful blue eyes

The click-click-click of high-heeled shoes

Turquoise wool

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I’d love to know who said:

Opportunity may knock once, but temptation bangs on the front door forever.

Some minds are like concrete, thoroughly mixed up and permanently set.

When you hit a wall, feel along it until you find a door.

Never excuse in yourself what you accuse in others. 

Don’t use a bazooka when a BB gun will do.

God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.

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A report came out that the New York City Department of Education wants offensive words deleted from tests because they might make students uncomfortable.  Say what?  The fear is certain words might cause students to be distracted. Students might actually think about what the words mean, not just how to spell them. 

The following is a short list of proposed words these teachers want banished and questions they (the teachers) might find distracting (or offensive):

Dinosaur –Just because a dinosaur existed, does that mean evolution is true?  If God made every animal, why are dinosaurs extinct?  Are there any other animals besides dinosaurs that are extinct?  Why do some animals die off and others survive?  Is everything bad that happens on the earth man’s fault?  Why is this the prevailing idea today? 

Pepperoni – Why is it considered junk food?  What is junk food?  What should a...

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