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Over the years, Rick and I have played tourist wherever we’ve lived.  Sonoma County is no different, except that people come from around the world to visit the wine country, redwoods and Pacific coast, and we have it close at hand.  When I’m neck-deep in a project, I don’t have time to wander too far from my computer.  Once the manuscript is turned in and I’m waiting for the editorial conversation on what more needs to be done, we are free to explore. 

Recently, we decided to head out to the coast.  It’s a beautiful winding drive through redwoods, past vineyard and pastures with flocks of sheep.  We stopped at Duncans Mills, remnant of an 1870s lumber town on the Russian River, and browsed through the shops and art gallery.  We drove on to Jenner-by-the-Sea, long-time homeplace to Mom and Dad Rivers.  We’ve spent numerous week-ends in the small hillside coast town over-looking the mouth of the river and Pacific Ocean.  We parked...

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After numerous reader critiques in-house and a conference call between agent and editors, the  comments and concerns were compiled and made ready for presentation to the writer – me.   I got the call early Monday morning and already knew what to expect.  Too long.  Needs major cutting.  This seems to be a common thread in my work. Thankfully, I have an editor who is very good at carving excess fat away and getting to the meat.  We talked about scenes I want to keep in and why and what might happen with the scenes that can go.  “Deleted scenes” posted on line, perhaps, so readers would know more of the backstory to the characters that will fill the final published version of the mammoth manuscript I turned in.  Sometimes a machete is better than a carving knife, especially when cutting 50,000 words from a 200,000 word manuscript.

Most of the cutting will be done in the first nine chapters where I was getting to know my characters...

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I’ve been writing for over thirty years and still get nervous when I turn in a manuscript.  Have I succeeded in bring the characters to life?  Will the story comfort, encourage, challenge readers?  Is there any “take away” value? 

While waiting, I tend to go into a reading frenzy, enjoying the books I’ve been stacking up on my TBRP (to be read pile), two shelves full, one of fiction, one of non-fiction.  Over the past few weeks, I’ve read six books and two manuscripts, all very well-written.  I’m thankful to live in a Golden Age of publishing with a plethora of genres and excellent writers, on and off-line.  I am an old fashioned “girl” who still likes to have a book in hand, not on an iPad or Kindle.  There’s something about the scent of a real book, the feel as I turn a page, the weight of someone’s work in my hands.  

Meanwhile, agent, associate, senior editor, editor and others are reading my most recent attempt at...

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I remember this line from “Poltergeist” years ago when the teenage daughter was standing on the street as an entity was wreaking havoc inside the house and everyone was fleeing.  I’m beginning to feel that way when I read the newspaper and wonder. 

Is the “affordable” health care program going to help?  I have a relative who has had to pay her doctor out-of-pocket because she can’t afford health care.  Now, with the new law, she will receive a fine for not buying health care she can’t afford, and the cost of that fine will be more than she’s been paying out-of-pocket to see a doctor.  The clinic in her area is closing down because they can’t afford the equipment required by the new law.  And this is supposed to help people in need of health care? 

Next we have the IRS singling out conservative groups for tax audits.  Apparently, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is on their hit list.  I wonder how long it will be...

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My brother and sister-in-law stopped for a night with us on their way south to attend the Vietnam POW Reunion at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum that coincides with the 40th anniversary of a White House dinner hosted by President Nixon to honor their sacrifice.  Finally, after so many years, these survivors who suffered so much are again being honored. 

I was in college while my brother served in an intelligence unit in Hue.  He worked with Vietnamese and loved the city.  He and his co-workers became good friends as they carried out their duties in the beautiful ancient capital of Vietnam.   On January 31, 1968, the city was overrun.  Our family didn’t know for days whether he was alive or dead.  When the Marines retook the city, my brother was found severely wounded. He still has pieces of shrapnel imbedded in his body. 

My husband, Rick, was serving as a Marine in DaNang during the Tet...

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I’ve just spent three months working five to six full days a week, sometimes late into the night, to finish revision work on my current work-in-progress.  After a conference call and some brain-storming, I knew what I needed and wanted to do.  What started out as a few changes and tweaks turned into a major re-write.  I love these characters and want readers to love them, too.  But I was also trying to do an allegory, and in some cases, two in particular, the people were just too perfect.  Real people have lots of flaws.  Now the characters do, too.

After Rick made his changes to the manuscript and those were put into the computer, I sent off the files to my agent, Danielle, who used her magic to put them all together in one nice big file before sending it off to Tyndaleans.    

Done!  Finally!  I felt relief.  For about half a day.  And then this black hole began to open in front of me.  Now what?...

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 “Now it shall come about when he sits on the throne of his kingdom, he shall write for himself a copy of this law on a scroll in the presence of the Levitical priests.  And it shall be with him, and he shall read it all the days of his life, that he may learn to fear the Lord his God, by carefully observing all the words of this law and these statues, and his heart may not be lifted up above his countrymen and that he may not turn aside from the commandment, to the right or the left; in order that he and his sons may continue long in his kingdom in the midst of Israel.”                                                                    ...

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The Boston Marathon bombings came as a shock to all of us.  Now everyone is scrambling for answers, asking why.  Though some politicians are loath to call this a “terrorist” attack, and are studiously cautious about making any reference to a religious war, most know it is.

This past weekend, our congregation celebrated the missions we support with 18% of our budget. Many of our members have served overseas.  Others are involved in local ministries such as food pantries, Gospel mission to reach alcoholics and addicts, crisis pregnancy counseling, and we are active in the fight against human trafficking.  Our “life groups” look for ways to serve our communities.  We are far from perfect.  We are sinners saved by grace, and an autonomous group of believers who strive to be more like our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.

One of our speakers was Yoon Kwon Chae, a Korean Christian brother our congregation has supported for 35 years.  He and...

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Future tripping is a phrase familiar to those who work 12 step programs.  It has to do with fear of the future.  A lot of people, not just those with addictions, are experiencing this right now.  Come to think of it, is there anyone that doesn’t have some kind of “addiction”?  If it isn’t alcohol or drugs, maybe it’s texting on an iPhone or exploring all the apps on an iPad.  Maybe it’s surfing the net or playing a computer game that draws people into a time-sucking world of make-believe.  How many people feel a little down and head off to the Mall for that pick-me-up purchase, or another $5 specialty drink.  If that doesn’t work, there’s always one of those casinos popping up all over the country. 

We deal with fear in all kinds of ways. 

Abraham ran to Egypt and then, when faced with Pharaoh’s attraction to Sarah, handed her over and made her lie to save his own skin. 

Jacob ran away from Esau, served time...

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I’ve discovered a report called Wastebook 2013.  You all probably knew about it long before I did, but it’s eye-opening to find out what our government thinks is necessary.  Robotic squirrels?  A campaign to make more Americans crave caviar?  Martian meals?  Did you now it costs 2 cents to make a penny?  Floating outhouses for Oregon fishermen? 

Oh, I know.  It’s just a drop in the big bucket of taxpayers’ money.  Each little pet program isn’t that big a deal.    

There’s an active campaign going on the north coast right now to sign up MORE people for food stamps.  If you don’t want to use them for necessities like food, you can always sell them on line and get cash to buy whatever you want.  Like candy bars and condoms.  Or marijuana and movies.

More drops in the bucket.

It’s those seagulls I was talking about in a blog a few weeks ago, and a mentality that seems to permeate our...

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