Earth Psalms - March 2010

March 26, 2010 | 0 comments

We just returned from a visit to Texas and the California hills are covered with “God green”.   This green is unique and can’t be brought about by any effort of man.  People can water their gardens, irrigate their land and crops, have expensive, high-tech sprinkler systems covering park lawns and never be able to recreate this color.  It only happens after God sends rain.  And it happens quickly, sometimes overnight.  It has an inner, almost radiant brilliance to it.   

Jesus talked about living water when he met a Samaritan woman at the well.   He said living water would satisfy her thirst.   He was speaking of our soul’s deep thirst for a relationship with our creator.    No amount of struggle or work or human effort will ever satisfy that thirst.   Jesus is the living water.  When we ask Him into our hearts, He fills us with the Holy Spirit.  We are new creations.

The God...

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March 17, 2010 | 0 comments




In the words of Winston Churchill, “Never give up.  Never give up.  Never give up.”  That must be the rallying call of the woodpeckers in our neighborhood, some of whom have decided the vent holes beneath our eaves are the perfect location for a new house.  We’ve had one pesky fellow trying to widen the access to our attic.  He managed to get through the wire mesh and pull out some insulation.


We wouldn’t have known he was at work if he hadn’t decided to put his machine gun beak into our bedroom wall.  I leapt off the exercycle, ran to the wall and pounded back – with both fists.   Silence.  For one whole minute.  I was no sooner back to cycling, than he was back at work.  This time I ran out of the room, down the stairs and out through the back door.  He fluttered calmly away and took a break on the oak down the hill.  I know he was smirking....

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March 6, 2010 | 0 comments


Some years ago, while working at our warehouse, Rick called me on the intercom and said there was a mother quail with chicks out back.  I came running.  We watched them from the delivery doorway.  We enjoyed watching the quail pecking for seeds and bugs among the grass behind our building.  The chicks scurried around their mother like little puffs of tan cotton, unaware of us -- or danger lurking close by.  Rick spotted a cat crouched and sneaking toward them. Rick was about to grab an airplane gear to heave at the predator when we both heard a high pitched chirrup from somewhere above us.  The mother quail immediately spread her wings, the chicks fled beneath and she flattened to the ground. Motionless, protecting her babies with her body, perfectly camouflaged in the grass, we stared amazed.  Then, out of nowhere, the father quail appeared.  He had been perched on the edge of the roof next door.  Down he...

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March 4, 2010 | 0 comments

Our family lives in the “Redwood Empire” of Northern California, within half an hour of Armstrong Woods and two hours from the Avenue of the Giants.  I’ve always marveled when standing inside a grove of redwood trees. Though the trees tower hundreds of feet overhead, and some of these trees are so big you can link hands with ten people and still not encircle the base, these giants have a shallow root structure.  A good wind would blow one over if it were standing alone like an oak tree on a hillside.  But because they grow close together, the roots are interwoven, adding strength so that when the winds come and the rains pound and soak the soil, these trees stand and continue to grow – some for thousands of years.   

This reminds me my church family.  We come together to focus our hearts and minds on the Lord above, our light and our salvation.  As HE teaches us, we encourage one another, we embrace in joy and in sorrow, we pray for one...

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March 1, 2010 | 0 comments

God speaks to mankind through His creation – the earth, seas and heavens.  When I became a Christian, my eyes and ears opened to nature in a new, exciting way. Everything God created bears His mark, teaches us about His character and nourishes our soul.  God is an artist, and the universe is His canvas, from galaxy to atom.  Jesus said if man did not praise Him, “The stones will cry out!”  The glory of the incorruptible God is evident in a thousand ways.  Sometimes the most ordinary and seemingly mundane things prove to be the most miraculous.  God said,“Seek and ye shall find!”  This is the “world-view” I want to share in Earth Psalms. 


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