Earth Psalms - July 2010

July 10, 2010 | 0 comments

On the drive home this afternoon, I spotted two large horses in a field. The animals stood parallel to one another, head to the other’s tail-end.  Tails swished as they kept annoying flies away from one another’s faces.  The constant buzzing of flies must be a great irritation.  If given time and opportunity, flies can lay eggs in the eyes, causing eventual blindness.  These two horses worked as a team to protect one another.

Jesus sent men out two-by-two.  He knew a man or woman alone is vulnerable.  Loneliness, doubts, a constant barrage of hostile questions and false truths are like the buzzing of a thousand flies wanting to lay eggs that will blind us.  Together, we can offer one another encouragement. We can remind one another of what Jesus taught, what Scripture says.  We can uphold one another through hardship and heartache, knowing God loves us and will never abandon us.  He keeps His promises.

May we take a lesson...

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July 4, 2010 | 0 comments

Moles love to burrow tunnels in our backyard.  Patting down the mounds makes everything look smooth, but in a day, that mole shoves its way around the yard searching for good roots and worms to eat.

Spiders spin cobwebs overnight on our deck.  I usually end up with sticky fibers across my face as I head out to water the potted plants.

Ants send out scouts to find food, sometimes at the upstairs sliding glass door where Sarge’s food dish sits – sometimes they find their way into my kitchen. 

Moles, spiders, ants.  What do they teach me?  As long as I have a mole in my back yard, he’s going to keep digging and eating my plants.  As long as I have a spider, he’s going to build webs.  As long as I allow a few ants to wander, I can expect an invasion of ghastly numbers.

How like sin.

Do I pat down the mounds and leave the mole? Sweep away the cobweb and leave the spider? Squish an ant or two and leave the hive...

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