Earth Psalms - August 2010

August 28, 2010 | 0 comments

Our family has had many kinds of pets, and one of the most interesting was a turtle.  He lived in an aquarium with nice rocks on which to climb.  He ate live fish (which was disturbing) and did not appreciate being handled.  If someone picked him up, he would disappear inside his shell. 

Rick read an article warning such turtles carry salmonella and said the turtle had to go.  The children and I took a drive out to the coast and stopped in at a ranch reputed to welcome retired horses.   We had seen a large pond with rushes and wild birds (none big enough to carry a turtle off) and asked if we could release our turtle there.  The gentleman said yes. 

We tearfully trekked down the hill to the pond and put the turtle on the bank.  He didn’t move.  He had retreated so deeply into his shell, even his nose didn’t stick out.  We waited, hoping.  We tried to reason with him.  “Look at that beautiful pond....

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August 13, 2010 | 0 comments

Jack pines have serotinous cones.  They require the heat of fire to open and disperse seeds, and those seeds need the bare mineral soil of post-burn duff (ash) to germinate. 

The jack pine reminds me of the disciples who lingered in Jerusalem (10 years!) until the heat of persecution drove them out.  Only then did the Gospel spread swiftly throughout the known world. 

Jack pines remind me of how I had to reach the end of myself before I was willing to give everything over to God.  Actually, I begged Jesus to take over my life because I had made such a mess of it. 

Fire isn’t always bad.   Hard times are sometimes a great blessing.  The worst things that happen to us can become the greatest blessings when we give them to God. As we surrender our will and our lives into His good keeping, we drink in the Living Water and sink roots and grow strong.  In Christ, we can experience the joy that comes with resurrection...

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August 4, 2010 | 0 comments

Some years ago, we had a HUGE (125 pounds of muscle and energy) German Shepherd, Hercules, who didn’t like to share his food.  We fed him just outside the sliding glass door.  Sometimes, he would leave a little food in his dish.  A mouse showed up for dinner one afternoon.  Herk, trapped inside the house and forced to watch this mouse munch on his kibble, went wild.  The mouse happily sat in the middle of Herk’s bowl and ate.  (I think it had a smirk on its tiny face.) 

Next meal, Herk ate every piece of kibble and licked the bowl clean.  He wasn’t about to let that mouse get so much as a nibble of his kibble.  He came back inside, pleased with himself. 

The mouse returned. Finding nothing, he looked at Hercules, squatted and left his business card in the middle of the bowl.  

It wouldn't have cost Hercules anything to share with the tiny mouse.  Herk had plenty of food, a roof over his...

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