Earth Psalms - December 2010

December 31, 2010 | 0 comments

It’s been foggy lately.  Not a light-misting fog that stretches over the valley like a cloud lake, but a pea-soup thick fog that spreads over roads and makes driving dangerous.  My hometown used to have this kind of fog.  The seven miles stretch home from a movie theater could feel like a hundred miles.  Bright lights only made the fog blind us.  Low beams didn’t go past the front of the car.  So we crept along, car door open, following the white lines down the middle of the road.  We didn’t want to end up driving over the cliff into the Kaiser gravel pits. 

Angels must have been watching over us. 

Angels watched over Rick, too, when the Marine Corps deployed him briefly to Yuma, Arizona, and he would hitch a ride home to our little Santa Ana studio apartment once a week.  He could only stay for a few hours before he and his friend had to head back to base in time for roll call.  Fog lays low on those long desert...

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December 20, 2010 | 0 comments

What is light?  Sounds like a simple question, but even Einstein tried to answer that and couldn’t.  God knows.  He made it.  God said, “Let there be light.”  And there was light.  And the light was good.  “And God separated the light from the darkness.”  Jesus is the Light of the world, and we as believers are called to be light as well. 

What does all that mean? 

One lit match can be seen across a darkened stadium.

One life lived for Christ brings light to a dark world.

My husband who served as a Marine in Vietnam was told never to light a cigarette while on guard duty because the burning tip of a cigarette can be seen from a great distance by a sniper.  That speck of light makes a perfect target. 

Jesus spoke Truth, lived Truth, is Truth.  He spread his arms and gave Himself up for us.  His death and resurrection opened the way back to God and life eternal with our Creator –...

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December 3, 2010 | 0 comments

Salt flavors food.  Salt also preserves it.  Salt is used as a healing agent.  In ancient times, it was rubbed on newborn babies to prevent infection.  Salt was used in establishing covenants.   

Sodium chloride enables the physiological processes to sustain life.  Our bodies contain almost 450 mgs of salt and we have to replenish this daily in order to digest food and turn it into living tissue. Without salt, our cells cannot absorb nutrients or maintain the water in our blood.  We must have it salt to make sodium bicarbonate which is necessary to alkalize our food in order to maintain healthy blood and lymph fluids.  Sodium together with potassium and chlorine are essential in our blood plasma. Salt enables nerve impulses to be transmitted from our brain to our muscles.  We lose salt through perspiration.  If not replenished, we become dehydrated, weak, mentally confused.  Without salt, we die!   ...

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