Earth Psalms - January 2011

January 22, 2011 | 0 comments

I love pomegranate jelly.  It’s hard to come by these days.  My aunt used to make it every year. Now I order it from a catalog company in Vermont  - though it’s not nearly as tasty as my aunt’s.  This morning, while pondering the Trinity, I used up the last of my last jar of pomegranate jelly.  And it occurred to me pomegranates teach me a little about the nature of the Trinity.  My mind tends to wander on these journeys frequently. 

Inside the pomegranate are compartments that hold groups of seeds.  Each seed contains juice.  The pomegranate has skin that holds the whole fruit together.  Each part is unique, separate but equal, a part of the whole pomegranate.  Skin, seeds, juice are one pomegranate. 

How many times do I see the Trinity illustrated in nature?  A plum is skin, fruit, pit.  Or an almond with its coat, shell, seed. 

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Each unique.  All...

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January 14, 2011 | 0 comments

Frequently, from our deck, we can see buzzards drifting on the air currents.  Up close, they have grotesque faces that look gargoyle-like, but in the air, few birds can match their grace.  Did you know the Wright brothers studied buzzards in order to learn how to make an airplane turn safely?  Buzzards are experts at wing warping.  They fly circles all day long, scouring the area for employment.  Mention a buzzard and people usually grimace.  But they’re unsung heroes on God’s clean-up crew.   While on watch for their next unpleasant, but necessary job, they dance for us, wing warping in lazy, praise-worthy circles that taught men how to fly. 

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