Earth Psalms - February 2012

February 24, 2012 | 0 comments

Scripture often pairs sheep with goats when talking about people in the church.   How are goats different from sheep?

Goats will eat anything they can find; clothes off a line, dog food (a favorite), toys, grass, vegetables, cardboard.  They will chew on and taste just about everything, and often swallow it as well.  They prefer the new spring tips of woody shrubs and trees, but will even eat some toxic plants.

We all know people like that, always trying out new ideas and new relationships.  They have an off-with-the-old and on-to-the-new way of thinking.  Some of those new ideas are poison to the soul.  These goats look full and rich, but in the end is life without God and hell.

Goats are extremely curious and intelligent, easily trained and known for escaping pens.  They test fences and will climb on or push through barriers.

Some people want to try everything.  They feel trapped by rules meant to protect...

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February 19, 2012 | 0 comments

God often refers to His people as sheep – which made me wonder what attributes I share with the reputedly dumb animal. 

Sheep are born with the strong instinct to follow other sheep.  Put a bold or curious one out in front and the rest trail behind.  It’s called “flock mentality”.  Or it could be called peer pressure.   All is well if the leader isn’t heading for a patch of poisonous weeds or craggy cliffs – or into new ideas that tickle the imagination and pull us away from God’s truth.

Sheep are gregarious. They stay in a group while grazing.  They are highly vulnerable and agitated when left alone.  When alone, they easily fall prey to predators.   Just like people.  When we isolate, we more easily give in to temptation.  There is accountability in the Body of Christ.  We help one another.

Sheep are easily frightened and quickly scattered.  Scattered sheep are easy prey to predators....

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February 13, 2012 | 0 comments

Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in (dealing with spam), but a few examples our pastor, Jesse Bradley, used in his sermon on the problems churches face popped into my mind as Shannon and I set about wiping out an epidemic of spam.

Head lice comes to mind. Just thinking about them makes my head itch! Ask any mother who has had a child in public school (or any other school, for that matter) what happens when there’s an outbreak of head lice.  The little beasties move quickly from child to child and cause extreme discomfort.  Mothers are racing to the pharmacy to buy Rid or Lice Shield or getting out their shears to shave heads or blow dryers and irons to cook the nits out of existence. 

Oh, that we would deal with sin as swiftly!   Gossip is like head lice, spreading from head to head quicker than computer viruses spread from system to system, and both cause untold misery.  

And then there are leeches, slimy worm-like creatures with big...

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