Beetles, Big and Small

I did a word puzzle the other day and it astounded me.   I had to search out among the jumble of letters names of beetles: bark, blister, carpet, carrion, chafer, checkered, click, Colorado potato, diving, flat grain, fruitworm, ground, Japanese, June, ladybird, leaf, long-horned, powder post, rove, seed weevils, sexton, soldier, spider, stag, tiger, whirligig.  And this is just a short list of the beetles in the world – beetles God created.  Each with a purpose! 

Have you ever thought about the number of species and subspecies, each unique, each with a job to do? 

We’re supposed to believe they each had to evolve over eons of time?  God’s Word is filled with information.  He must have known mankind would try to cut Him out of the equation of how life on this planet came to be.  Why else would He say repeatedly that each plant and animal would procreate “after their kind”?   In other words, each beetle listed above was created and remains exactly as it was when God spoke it into being.

One needs far more faith to believe in the mind-bending theory of evolution than the evidence-packed world of God’s fantastic design.  From the stars in the heavens to the tiniest part of an atom, all creation cries out glory to the Lord. 

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