God Green

We just returned from a visit to Texas and the California hills are covered with “God green”.   This green is unique and can’t be brought about by any effort of man.  People can water their gardens, irrigate their land and crops, have expensive, high-tech sprinkler systems covering park lawns and never be able to recreate this color.  It only happens after God sends rain.  And it happens quickly, sometimes overnight.  It has an inner, almost radiant brilliance to it.   

Jesus talked about living water when he met a Samaritan woman at the well.   He said living water would satisfy her thirst.   He was speaking of our soul’s deep thirst for a relationship with our creator.    No amount of struggle or work or human effort will ever satisfy that thirst.   Jesus is the living water.  When we ask Him into our hearts, He fills us with the Holy Spirit.  We are new creations.

The God green of spring is a miraculous color that reminds me of the living water of God – His Word, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and an eternal relationship with my Creator, the triune God.   He splashes evidence of Himself with each rain, painting the hillsides with new life.  Even those in the cities can see it in the parks and the grass that sprouts between the cracks of concrete. 

 Winter is over.  Death is conquered.  Christ is risen!  Hallelujah!

Matthew 28:18-20

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